Gym Policies

Gym Policies

Tuition and Fees Information

Upon enrolling a new student into the Texas Academy of Gymnastics or Cheer program, the following fees must be collected prior to the student’s first class.

  1. Individual registration fee of $40, family registration of $70 (if you leave the program and return, this fee must be re-paid).
    **Registration calendar year is September through August**
  2. First month’s tuition due (prorated depending on your start date).
  3. There will be NO REFUNDS If you drop from the TAG program you must fill out a DROP FORM (obtained at the front office) by the FIRST of the month prior to the month you wish to drop. If you give notice to drop after the first of the month, then you will be responsible for the next month’s tuition.
    Upon enrolling at TAG you will be expected to pay your monthly tuition and registrations fees by one of two payment options
    1. Electronic payment through a checking or savings account. Your monthly tuition will be drafted on the First of the month.
    2. Electronic payment through a credit card or debit card. Your monthly tuition will be debited on the First of the month.

All tuition is due by the 1st of the month. Any account not paid in full by the 5th of the month will incur a $25 late fee. No child will be permitted to attend class with a balance owed. If the account isn’t settled by the 15th of the month, the spot in the class will be forfeited and the account sent to collections with the Attorney General’s Office.

Your tuition holds your child’s place in his/her class. You are responsible for all tuition fees whether or not your child/children attend the class.

All customers will incur a $10 transaction fee each time your payment is declined. It is the member’s responsibility to notify TAG if the card has been lost, stolen, replaced, expired, etc.

All customers who pay via checking will incur a $30 NSF fee for insufficient funds. After notification, if there is further disregard of payment, TAG will file with the Attorney General’s office.

Refund and Credit Policies

There will be NO REFUNDS given and because of our strict student-teacher ratio, missed classes will result in NO MAKE-UP CLASSES, pro-rated tuition, or refunds.

If you wish to drop your class, A DROP FORM (obtained from the front desk) MUST BE SUBMITTED, IN PERSON, TO THE OFFICE. If your account is 15 days past due, TAG has the right to charge your credit/debit/checking account for your monthly tuition plus any late fees.

Monthly tuition is not pro-rated for holidays, some months have five classes per month instead of four; this evens out over the year.

Closed Holidays

The following are events/holidays that we will be closed: Thanksgiving (Mon-Sun),
Christmas Break, Spring Break LISD, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day

Arrival and Departure

Please arrive on time so your child will not miss any warm-up. Children are not permitted to wait outside for parents. Please pick you child up, on time, inside our facility. At drop-off, all students MUST have a parent remain with them until their class enters the gym.

Class Attire

Girls wear leotards (any color), or t-shirt that can be tucked in securely with elastic waist shorts. Boys must wear gym shorts and a t-shirt that can be tucked in. No tights, jewelry, jeans, or zipper shorts will be allowed. Hair should be pulled back and secured. For Tumbling and/or Cheer, cheer shoes may be worn. TAG cannot be responsible for any lost items.

Emergency Closing Inclement Weather Information

It is our intention to be open. However, situations out of our control, such as inclement weather, natural/national disasters, or major building issues may disrupt service from time to time. We ask that parents call the gym to ensure it is open during periods of inclement weather or other unusual situations. In the event of an emergency closing/or inclement weather. TAG will notify the local TV station so parents may use that as a resource to determine the status of the gym. We will also post relevant information on our website.

Gym Rules

Students are never allowed to work out in the gym without a coach. This is especially important when gymnasts show up early for extra workouts. The rule is for safety reasons.